Accelerating Solutions, Building Resilience

The cornerstone of the region’s long-term strategy to address the threat of climate change and wildfire is an institute dedicated to bringing existing efforts to full fruition, ensuring those efforts are sustained and speeding the implementation of new science-based approaches on the ground. CWI will build a clear strategy to address significant gaps in climate and wildfire science, policy, and implementation. The Institute’s work on landscape resilience and climate solutions for forests, chaparral, and urban areas will consist of approaches that can be demonstrated, replicated, and applied across ecosystems and landscapes.

key operational elements of cwi:


Bringing together broad Climate and Wildfire research and practitioner communities in academia, government, and the private sector.

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Providing an inclusive, coordinated framework for research, policy, and solutions.

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Developing science and technology transfer strategies for both policymakers and practitioners.

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Developing research, pilot projects, and solutions as a service with a focus on a needs-driven approach.

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Coordinate the development of open access and transparent information products.

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Our Current Projects

Forest Data Hub

The Forest Data Hub is being developed to utilize an information modeling approach that is informed by on-the-ground conditions and models.

The Stewardship Project

We are supporting a partnership of tribes and western science to consider how current federal forest policy can incorporate insights from tribal practices to better steward the landscapes of the American West.

Policy Projects

We are co-sponsoring an effort to develop a comprehensive and measurable list of indicators of forest and wildland resilience.

Interagency Treatment Tracking

We are helping to accelerate the development of an interagency forest treatment tracking system and spatial database that includes recently completed and planned treatments across the state of California.

Regional Resource Kits

Our Regional Resource Kits project aims to connect data to the boots-on-the-ground; we will utilize and integrate existing data to inform resilience metrics, which can then be reflected to land managers through resource kits.

research as a service

Interested in collaborating with the Climate & Wildfire Institute? We work with partners to identify needs and co-develop research as a service. Read about our identified priorities or reach out to us to discuss your ideas!