How We Do Our Work

CWI is working towards becoming an intellectual, physical, and social space to convene an inclusive community. The first step in this approach is to understand the knowledge and data gaps within existing policy and decision-making and then use this information to develop a strategy. Our goal is to prioritize research services that are demand-driven and action-oriented. The science and technology generated from these efforts will be transferred to stakeholders through consultation. It will also be made available to others through an open, shared information ecosystem. The digital infrastructure needed to sustain this knowledge will be coordinated, developed, and maintained based on user needs. The following outlines the key elements in our approach:


CWI is, at its most fundamental, a physical and virtual space for collaboration, communication, and implementation. This model requires convening experts from all sectors to track climate and wildfire-related research, support coordination across programming, and develop and refine strategies while working with a diverse range of regional groups, Indigenous tribes, and local communities. Fostering physical and virtual space for these conversations is a central element of CWI’s mission—and will help us respond more quickly and effectively to wildfire and climate change-related threats.

  • Tracking and Coordination of Research
  • Fund Management and Accountability
  • Rapid Communication of Findings
  • Building Capacity
  • Convene Events

Policy and Decision-making Context

We work with local, state, and federal officials, community groups, and field personnel to evaluate ongoing needs, determine trends and patterns, and answer emerging questions. We identify emerging research and its relevance to decision-making while helping to determine when new research is required. We engage with federal and state agencies, tribes, foundations, and the private sector to initiate critical research services.

  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
  • Data to Decision
  • Decisions in Need of Data
  • Roadmapping Sustainability Pathways

Research, Pilots, and Solutions as a Service

We work with state, federal, and private parties to identify and develop research initiatives and pilots with a clear path for maximum impact. We assemble diverse research teams across multiple sectors, institutions, communities, and career stages to advance science and action for those on the front lines. Click here to learn more about our research services.

  • Impact Focused Research
  • Inclusive Research Teams
  • Co-Development
  • Leverage Existing Efforts
  • Integration of Research Services

Science and Technology Transfer

We work to ensure the integration of disparate sources of information to make science, research, and data practical and usable for those that need it most—from firefighters to legislative staffers. We believe research is most valuable when it provides a legitimate pathway to on-the-ground implementation, improved decision-making, and transparent public information.

  • Understanding User Needs
  • Operationalizing Research
  • Integrated Information

Open Digital Infrastructure

We ensure innovations in wildfire and climate science and technology remain in the public sector for all to use by supporting coordinated, open access to data across many platforms in a manner accessible to all.

  • Coordinated Digital Infrastructure Efforts
  • Open Access
  • Open Innovation
  • Reliable Continuity

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