Intentional Fire: Accelerating prescribed and cultural fire solutions

Welcome to CWI’s 2023 signature convening.

Through this convening, we hope to inspire the conversation, collaboration, and cooperation that can help us implement wildfire resilience measures at a scale that reflects the urgency of the moment. We hope to facilitate the types of interactions that have lasting influence on our attendees and maybe even on land stewardship across the West. Above all, we hope to help illuminate a vision of a future of proactive wildfire resilience guided by community and ecosystem needs.

We also hope to shed light on a few critical themes during our time together: how to accelerate the application of prescribed and cultural fire at scale across the Western landscape, and how we can better facilitate the use of these two practices by creating conduits between policy, research, and practice. For CWI, seeking solutions means sitting with these questions and ensuring that our response is thoughtful, proactive and, above all else, informed by those who have long known and stewarded these lands.

Thank you for your participation in this event, and for your commitment to a shared future of active stewardship and intentional fire.

Please see below for available resources.