Enhancing Wildfire Resilience in the Tahoe Sierra Region

The Tahoe Sierra Wildfire Resilience Collaborative is a cross-boundary initiative which aims to 1) align regional partnerships, projects, resources, and funding to advance wildfire resilience; 2) share opportunities to increase knowledge and solutions for wildfire resilience; and 3) support the development of a community framework to align SPARK projects with the goals of the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation (Moore Foundation)’s Wildfire Resilience Initiative. 

The scope of this collaborative spans 2.4 million acres across four national forests, two states, 12 counties, and five watersheds. It complements the work of the Moore Foundation’s “Select Pilot to Achieve Results by Key indicators” (SPARK) projects, designed to identify best practices, scalable solutions, and impactful strategies that achieve measurable and widely applicable outcomes across the Western U.S. and Canada. 

Led by the Climate & Wildfire Institute, with support from Chris J Anthony Consulting and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Tahoe Sierra Wildfire Resilience Collaborative aims to accelerate pathways to broad-scale, durable wildfire resilience across Western North America. It is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Wildfire Resilience Initiative, which aims to enable beneficial fire and reduce vulnerability to extreme wildfire to safeguard healthy, fire-adapted ecosystems and resilient, fire-prone communities.