Compiling and Integrating Essential Treatment Data

We are helping to accelerate the development of an interagency forest treatment tracking system and spatial database that includes the status of recently completed and planned treatments across California. Much like the other projects that CWI is helping to facilitate, the Wildfire and Landscape Resilience Interagency Treatment Dashboard aims to build continuity in the information and data available to agencies, NGOs, and landowners engaged in forest treatment projects.

We are also helping design strategies that reduce barriers to the accurate reportage of fuel reduction and restoration efforts. While developing these strategies, we continue to ensure that the resulting data infrastructure is scientifically sound and technically feasible, so that the many agencies, NGOs, and landowners involved in treatment projects can utilize this information more effectively.

Click here to view the dashboard beta.

Project Lead: Dr. David Saah, associate professor at the University of San Francisco and director of the Geospatial Analysis Lab (GsAL).