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Accelerating solutions for wildfire and climate.

We can reduce forest fire risk and counter many of the impacts of climate change through fast action based on science. The Climate and Wildfire Institute brings existing climate and wildfire science to policy and decision-making, and speeds the implementation of science-based approaches on the ground. The Institute leverages the academy’s research talent, the private sector’s nimbleness, and the public sector’s decision-making leadership for faster and smarter solutions.

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We bring experts from all sectors together, track climate and wildfire-related research, support program coordination, develop and refine strategies, work with regional groups, Indigenous tribes, and local communities so that they can respond to wildfire and climate change-related threats faster and more effectively. We provide a physical and virtual space for collaboration, communication and implementation.


Policy & Decision Making Context

We work with local, state, and federal officials, community groups, and field personnel to evaluate on-going needs, determine trends and patterns, and answer emerging questions. We identify emerging research and its relevance to decision-making, and help determine when new research is required. We engage with federal and state agencies, tribes, foundations, and the private sector to initiate critical research services.


Research, Pilots & Solutions

We work with state, federal, and private parties to identify and develop research initiatives and pilots with a clear path for maximum impact. We assemble diverse research teams across multiple sectors, institutions, communities and career stages to advance science and action for those on the front lines.


Science & Technology Transfer

We make science, research and data practical and usable for end-users from firefighters to legislative staffers. We believe that science and research is most valuable when it provides pathways for on the ground implementation, improved decision-making, and transparent public information. We work to ensure the integration of disparate sources of information.


Open Digital Infrastructure

We support coordinated, open access to data, across many platforms in a manner accessible to all. We ensure innovations in wildfire and climate science and technology remain in the public sector for all to use. We support dataset continuity, critical for the agile development of research services.


We are a 501c3 non-profit based in California. We receive our funding from state, federal, and private sources.

Current Projects

Federal-Tribal Partnership on Forest Policy

Current national resource policies cannot keep pace with the ever-increasing threat of catastrophic wildfire and drought. Nor do these policies incorporate the lessons learned from the stewardship of Indigenous peoples. We are supporting a partnership of tribes and western science to consider how current federal forest policy can incorporate the insights from tribal practices to restore and protect the endangered landscapes of the American West.

Defining Resilience

We are co-sponsoring an effort to develop a comprehensive set of measurable indicators of forest and wildland resilience. The effort is engaging stakeholders from across the state to define what resilience means and, most importantly, what it looks like on the ground in local ecosystems.

Forest Treatment Tracking

We are speeding the development of an interagency forest treatment tracking system and building a spatial database that includes recently completed and planned treatments across the state. We are also helping design a scientifically sound, technically feasible strategy that reduces barriers to accurate reporting of fuel reduction and restoration efforts.

Forest Data Hub

The lack of integration and management of data across agencies, institutions, research centers, and NGOs hinders necessary analysis to inform policy alternatives. Through a use-inspired information modeling approach, we are speeding development of a Forest Data Hub, working with stakeholders to identify requirements, a glossary of terms and essential use cases. The resulting community-based blueprint will harness the interconnections between data producers and data consumers to create pathways for scalable use of technology.



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